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Jaguar towbar, universal towbar wiring kit, trailer hitch, specific wiring kits


Jaguar towbar fitting : low prices on trailer hitch and electrical wiring kit

Your specialist of car accessories offers you a large choice of tow bars. For your Jaguar car, click on the model you want to find the hitch you need, among our selection of car hitches, towbars and trailer hitches for the Jaguar. En savoir plus.

Choose the best towing accessory for your Jaguar. Carpratik offers you the possibility to choose from a multitude of towbars and towbars at low prices :

- Swan neck tow bar : this one allows you to tow trailers, bike carriers and caravans. The swan neck system is the most commonly used hitch by motorists. It is the best compromise between discretion and low price.

- Horizontal detachable towbar : here you can easily remove the ball joint. It is still a gooseneck ball joint, but it is equipped with a handle that allows you to unlock the ball joint and remove it easily after use. This is an ergonomic solution that allows you to remove your ball joint after each use without tools.

- Vertical detachable Towbar
 : the ball joint is fitted vertically, under the bumper, which makes the hitch sleeve completely invisible once the ball joint is removed. The wiring kit support is retractable. This hitch also has an anti-theft system with key lock. This solution allows you to preserve 100% of the aesthetics of your vehicle.

- Fixed flange towbar : this system is intended for professionals. In addition to the ball, you benefit from a screwed plate that allows you to adapt rigid or mixed hooks or other towing accessories.

- Universal electrical wiring kit : it is fixed directly on the wires of the rear lights of your car. It will only transmit the information from your car's lights to your trailer (position lights, indicators, etc.). This one does not intervene in the deactivation of the reversing radars.
- Specific electrical wiring kit : this one is fixed directly on the original sockets. This beam is going to detect, to manage and to deactivate the backward radars when you tow. Moreover you respect the standards manufacturers who recommend you the installation of this type of beam. Find easily the hitch which corresponds to your vehicle in some clicks.

Carpratik, it's practical: 3 clicks to find your towbar for your Jaguar.

On this page, you will find a list of all the Jaguar models.

1 - Click on your model :
To easily and quickly find the trailer hitch that suits your vehicle model, simply select the model that matches your vehicle from all the Jaguar models.

2 - Click on the year :
After selecting your model, simply choose the year in which your Jaguar was manufactured (please note: the dates indicated on the Carpratik website are the dates of manufacture and not the dates of registration)

3 - Choose your hitch :
Carpratik offers you a wide range of towbars and electrical wiring kits. You can choose between fixed or detachable towbar, with or without anti-theft device and specific or universal wiring kit. To find out more about the specific features of an article, a detailed product sheet is available for each article ("find out more" section)

If, however, after following our instructions, you are unable to choose the coupling you need, please send us a message. Do not hesitate to send us a message via the chat window at the bottom right of the page or to contact us via the contact page: Contact

Jaguar towbars : which accessory to choose to tow your car ?

You need to attach a trailer on your Jaguar ? Discover all the car tow bars dedicated to Jaguar online, your specialist in Jaguar towbars and other makes of vehicles to discover in the dedicated sections.

How to choose trailer hitch and electrical wiring kit for your Jaguar?

Discover through this video, how to select towbar, so choose freely according to your budget and your needs the right trailer hitch and wiring kit.



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